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C.J. Gorrell 9/5/2008 ENES-100 1. First divide the pennies into two groups of six. Then, mass the two sides against each other. Remove the pennies on the side with the lighter mass, and add divide the heavier six pennies into two groups of three. Mass the two smaller groups against each other. Remove the smaller set with the lighter mass. For the remaining pennies, place one penny on each side of the scale, and hold onto the third. If the balance is skewed to one side, the heavier penny is the fake. If the balance is even, you are holding the fake penny. 2. Place one black marble in one bucket and the remaining 199 marbles in the other bucket. This provides a 50% chance of picking a black marble if you pick the lighter bucket and a slightly less than 25% chance of choosing a black marble of you choose the heavy bucket. This provides a combined chance of just under 75% of choosing a black marble. 3.
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