audience3 - pathos of my essay seeing that a less...

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C.J. Gorrell November 9, 2008 Audience analysis for Paper 3 For paper number 3, the central focus changes from the state and national government’s failures with NCLB, to the schools districts and individual school’s failures with NCLB. In this case, the previously secondary audience from papers one and two, will become the primary audience. That is superintendents, school faculty, and parents will be the directed audience instead of government legislations and officials. This audience is a mix of educated and uneducated people, who range from those knowing every detail of NCLB to those who have never heard of NCLB. Taking this into account, I will take the time to summarize the law, and spend more time developing the
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Unformatted text preview: pathos of my essay seeing that a less politically focused group should be more influenced by such appeals. The argument I will deliver to this audience is that it is not the NCLB act itself that needs to be rewritten, but that the school districts and schools need to be more active in making use of the NCLB. The audience may at first be taken back by the argument, because it shows the audience how they have been slacking, but by the end of the argument, it should convince the audience that they need to take more action, and do what is most important for the students....
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audience3 - pathos of my essay seeing that a less...

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