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C.J. Gorrell ENGL101 The flip side for paper 3 My stance and argument for paper 4 is that the NCLB is in need of serious reform. The system is severely under funded, and is so vague that no one knows what to make of it. Every researcher I have come across agrees that NCLB is not effective, in that it has not been successful in reaching its goals. However, where the other side disagrees, and the argument of paper 3, is that the failure point in the system lies further down than houses of
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Unformatted text preview: legislature. The problem they claim is with the school districts, and the schools. In my analysis of the opposing side I comment on their claims that racism, wealth, and poor teachers are to blame for students’ lack in progress. While this is not an absolute inverse to my original argument, the opposing argument is still just that opposing. This split is based on the stasis of jurisdiction, and action....
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