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C.J. Gorell September 24, 2008 No Child Left Behind, or Every Child Left Behind After completing grade school, I looked back, and considered the effectiveness of the teaching principles that were used in the classroom. By comparing my experience in elementary school with my younger sisters, I have noticed quite a difference between how classes were taught ten years ago, and how they are taught now. The reason for this change is the No child Left Behind Act, but the question is, is the act making teaching more or less effective? The expected end result of the No Child Left Behind Act is for students to have the knowledge to pass all the standardized tests, in each academic subject. Teachers are given a set curriculum that covers everything the students are expected to know for the tests. Because of this new style, I have noticed that my sister’s teacher has been instructing her on how to answer questions based on the format of the test. When I helped her with her math homework last year, I looked at how her teacher expected her to solve the problems in the homework. I realized that there was a simpler way to do the problems, but when my sister used my method it was marked wrong because it was done differently. It seems that teachers are so set on making sure students pass the required standardized tests each year, that they suppress the use of any variation in problem
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draft - C.J. Gorell September 24, 2008 No Child Left...

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