ec - In the last stanza and possibly the most challenging...

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C.J. Gorrell Engl243 An Analysis on Ode to a Grecian Urn In the poem Ode to a Grecian Urn, the speaker is facing an ancient Grecian urn. He looks at the urns artistic drawings that depict events from the generation in which the urn was created. It is by these drawings that Keats gives the urn its voice. In stanzas two through four, the speakers gazes on three different scenes, and remarks on these events as if they are alive in a timeless scene. For example, in stanza two, the speaker depicts a scene of a musician playing to his love. The speaker remarks on how the music played by the musician, is richer than the sounds of music not trapped in time, because the notes of this poet will forever be new. Also, that the musician should never be sad that he can never reach his love, as if the musician on the urn could feel, because his love at least will be untouched by time.
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Unformatted text preview: In the last stanza and possibly the most challenging to the reader, the speaker talks directly to the urn as if the urn were telling him these stories. The speaker animates the urn by giving it human qualities. For example, the speaker says that the poem teases the thought of its viewers. Also in the last two lines it is questionable that they were made to seem as if they came directly from the urn as if they were spoken by this ancient clay pot. This poem challenges the reader’s patterns of thought with challenging verse, and poetic structure that forces the reader to question the speaker, and the true meaning of each poem. It is in this challenge that Keats takes advantage of the urns lack of animation, by teasing the reader into wanting the urn to have animated qualities so that it can respond to the reader’s queries....
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ec - In the last stanza and possibly the most challenging...

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