engl101_2 - matter of pride that kept families enthusiastic...

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C.J. Gorrell September 6, 2008 Civic Engagement: My Experiences In my backyard there is a field. It used to be part of a large farm that belonged to a family that owned all the land that my community now sits upon. The name of the family is the Todd family. When the family owned the farm they created a beautiful cemetery for there family. The cemetery now sits in that field in my backyard. Until recently, the Todd family cemetery had just sat there aging away into nothing. The few that wanted to mend the cemetery didn’t want to have to go through the red tape that surrounded the cemetery, and the rest of the world, seemingly ignored it. So there it sat a piece of local history that was fated to become a shadow. When the marble row homes were first built in the city of Baltimore, it was a
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Unformatted text preview: matter of pride that kept families enthusiastic about having a clean safe community. It was this pride that created a sense of community, but over the years the marble landmarks began to tarnish, and weeds sprung up from the sidewalk. Nature began to reclaim the city, and turn it back to its primal state. Along with it, it seemed the people turned to a primal state as violence and crime started to increase. The community that had been so proud of their town now seemed to no longer care. In regards to the first example: How can involvement in sports and/or extracurricular activities improve ones life? How do sports influence ones character? Why should we get involved? What is it about sports that gives us a sense of community?...
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engl101_2 - matter of pride that kept families enthusiastic...

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