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C.J. Gorrell September 10, 2008 3 Possible Topics 1. When America was founded, the sense of community between citizens was unlike anything the world had seen. It is what gave us our strength. When other countries thought we were at our weakest point, we were at our strongest. Over the years however, it seems that we have lost that sense of community. The quote, “Every man for himself” shadows the past slogan “United we stand.” It’s time we, the citizens of the United States of America, remembered our neighbors. 2. The Boy Scouts of America is a program founded on the basis of turning young boys into the men that will lead their people. However recently, the program has experienced a deluge of political interference, and attacks in the courtroom. So many rules have been made for how scouts can take place, that it is taking away from the scouting experience. Such rules regulate, how activities may be preformed, what scouts are allowed to do, and what they must for go.
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Unformatted text preview: It seems that with sue happy state of our nation, that the program has limited itself to teaching kids without giving them the experience they need to fully grow in order to avoid stepping on any toes. All this does is turn the end result of scouts from creating men, to creating a bunch of “momma’s boys” that will only continue the tradition of playing it safe. 3. Thanks to Bush’s “No child left behind” act, every child in America is now being left behind. How you ask? Those that need the help and time to learn a subject are being forced to speed up in order to pass “the test,” and those that can move more quickly in the academia realm are being forced to slow down so that everyone else can catch up. This system dose not work for anybody, and needs to be changed. Standardized testing is literally killing American individuality. One of the founding bases of the American nation....
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