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journal3 - C.J Gorrell ENGL 101 Journal 3 Nick Naylor a...

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C.J. Gorrell November 16, 2008 ENGL 101 Journal 3 Nick Naylor, a character in the movie Thank You For Smoking , discusses with a congressional committee on whether or not cigarette cartons should carry a warning image. In the movie Naylor is tobacco funded lobbyist who is quite skilled in the arts of persuasion. In this particular scene, Naylor uses logical reasoning and his position in the tobacco industry to develop strong appeals to ethos and logos for his audience while maintaining a politically inept and yet entertaining style that keeps his listeners attention while keeping up with formalities. At the beginning of the congressional board discussion, the board asks Mr. Naylor to state his occupational status to the court. Mr. Naylor states that he is currently unemployed, but that he had recently worked as the vice president for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. This shows that he is knowledgeable on the effects and issues around smoking, and yet he currently has no ties and so seemingly no influence by the tobacco company. Also, when asked about the damaging effects of smoking he agrees that they
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produce great harm.
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