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Opposing views - ultimately untrue. Most teachers are very...

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Opposing views Other solutions have been brought up for fixing NCLB. Mainly they revolve around making changes below the state and national government. Ron Sofo, a superintendent from Pennsylvania, comments on how it is not the fault of the government, and that people fall too easily into blaming the government for other’s mistakes. He claims that schools and their staff need to step up to the challenges of teaching students, that teachers are just lazy and need to see that teaching is more than a means to a pay check (Sofo 395). While Sofo’s argument may hold some validity, it is
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Unformatted text preview: ultimately untrue. Most teachers are very hard working, and to place the burden of improving the education system on the teachers and staff of schools and school districts would be to present them with an insurmountable task. It also does not recognize key facts such as funding budgets, and state curriculums. Also, if Sofos argument were true, than we would see varying trends in educational success within individual schools, however trends show that in general when a school fails to meet AYPs, all parts of the school tend to fail AYPs (Nelson 56)....
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