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C.J. Gorrell Engl101 November 12, 2008 An analysis in the cause of the No Child Left Behind Act fiasco In the past few years, many second and third world countries have begun a rapid rate of growth. They are becoming more productive, having higher standards of living. These new enterprises entering the global market are bringing competition to the American markets that did not exist a few years ago. This competition has lead to Americans taking a greater interest in their ability to stay ahead of the foreign markets, and one of the capital investments for ensuring a more advanced civilization is the education of American children. In recent attempts to bolster the level of education in the United States, the President invoked the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The purpose of the act was to hold schools accountable for the success of their students, with the intentions of having all students reach proficient academic status by the year 2014. However, since the act’s start in 2001, the improvement of the educational system has been painfully slow. Several political figures claimed that it was the national and state governments’ lack
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in funding, and the fact that the act’s guidelines are too vague to achieve any real goals. Since these claims were made many Americans have jumped on the bandwagon and supported these claims, however the true tribulations of the act lie at the school district and individual school level. What schools and parents need to know is that even with an unlimited source of funding and a government system that sets a clear system of guidelines, it still comes down to the most direct teaching level of the teachers and students. If teachers don’t create a successful learning environment or schools don’t provide the necessary tools for success, then students will continue to lack in progress. Before we come to any more conclusions, we must first look more closely at what is currently happening in school districts across the United States. According to recent reports, the most notable problems school systems
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paper3 - C.J Gorrell Engl101 An analysis in the cause of...

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