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C.J. Gorrell ENGL 101 Our group broke up the presentation into four parts. My part was to analyze and report on the rhetorical appeal of logos in Graff’s argument on school’s failure to recognize the hidden talents of their students. It was my job to determine the effectiveness of the use of logos in the passage, and to identify any logical fallacies he may of used. What I was able to determine from the article, is that while Graff does not use statistics or scientific modeling to argue his point, he does use reasoning. Graff compares the works of George Orwell to that of various professors on Shakespeare to show that it is not the subject that necessarily bores a student, but the writer that
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Unformatted text preview: fails to present themselves in a way that grabs students’ attention. His other point he makes is that his childhood interest in sports was not as unacademic as one may believe. Graff goes to show that his interest in analyzing sports taught him how to develop arguments, determine the validity of evidence, and summarize ideas. However Graff does fall into the pitfall of using logical fallacies. He uses red herrings and hasty generalizations, to attack schools. He claims schools are actually less academic than the world of sports, and never acknowledges the opposing view point of the schools....
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