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6 - 5 The poem is in 4 stanzas of pairs 6 The lines are...

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C.J. Gorrell Engl243 Analysis 1. Can you please explain the plot of W.B. Yeats Crazy Jane poem? 2. Will we be tested on the Bruce Smith poems? 3. Will the third test follow the same format as the 2 nd test? We Real Cool 1. This poem is a monologue, and the speaker is the pool boys chanting. 2. The poem is about the pool players seven, and this is about their chant that captivated Brooks. 3. The poem is generally in monometer with very short lines. There are pauses in the middle of each line, to emphasize the next syllable in the rhyme. The verb comes at the beginning to emphasize the youthful spirit of these seven men. 4. There is rhyme in the middle of each line in the form of aa
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The poem is in 4 stanzas of pairs. 6. The lines are almost like an old style rap. 7. The poem has a unique structure of stutter and continuous movement. That is developed in such a way to represent the lifestyle of the men. 8. The speaker is trying to show the world what these men are all about. 9. The poem has a very hip-hop festive tone. Almost like a victory chant. 10. There is no judgment in the poem to represent the free life style of the men. 11. The poem is unified 12. The poem sounds better read aloud as in a victory chant. The poem does grow on you so I’d say it is better to repeat it....
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