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C.J. Gorrell Engl243 December 5, 2008 An analysis of Reconciliation 1. The poem is an epigram, in which one military man is talking to the reader. 2. The poem is about how time will wash away the woes of war. 3. The poem is in free verse. There is a noticeable use of pauses in line 3 that help the poem emphasize movement within the line. 4. There is no noticeable rhyme in the poem. 5. The poem is of one stanza. 6. The diction is reserved and stripped of emotion.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The poem is organized into a single cognitive thought. 8. The speaker is commenting on how the spoils of will be washed away in time. 9. The tone is very weary. 10.There is no judgment on this poem. 11.The poem is unified. 12.The poem sounds much better read silently, because it has such as silent tone, and is of the speaker’s thoughts and not of his voice....
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