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C.J. Gorrell ENGL243 ANALYSIS 11/20/08 Pike by Ted Hughes 1. In this free verse epigram poem, the poet is talking to the reader about pike fish, 2. The poem is a description of the pike in a pond near the poet’s home. 3. The poem is in free verse, and is of short lines. 4. The poem has no recognizable form of rhyme. 5. The poem is split into quatrains that show no pattern. 6. The diction is technical, in that it intently describes the pike. 7. The poem is organized in an expanding vision from the pike eggs to the
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Unformatted text preview: pond and beyond. 8. The speaker is trying to describe the pike fish to show their mystery. 9. The tone is nostalgic. 10. There is judgment by the poet. The poet judges the pike by personifying them. 11. The poem is unified. 12. How this poem is read does not matter only that the readers puts images to the words, so that they may se what the poet sees....
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