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C - 4 There is not any notable case of rhyme 5 The poem is...

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C.J. Gorrell ENGL 243 Last Week’s Questions 1. Can you go over some of the sonnets? 2. If the author is not listed on the poem list, do we not need to know who wrote it? 3. What was with the paired rhyme in the poem on Gut? This Week’s Questions 1. Can you explain the significance of Epistle to Miss Blout? 2. If the poems are short are we expected to memorize them verbatim? 3. How far does this coming test go into the poems? Poem Review 1. This poem is a Eulogy, about the poet speaking to his father. 2. The poem thanks the poet’s father for all he did to take care of him. 3. The poem varies in meter, but is mostly trochaic pentameter.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. There is not any notable case of rhyme. 5. The poem is separated into three stanzas. 6. The poem uses a very ornate style of words to describe those winter Sundays that the poet’s father spent. 7. The poem is organized as a recollection of one of the poet’s fondest memories. 8. The speaker is merely reflecting on his memory of his father. 9. The tone is very quite and tranquil. 10. There is no case of judgment in the poem. 11. The poem is unified through the flow of events from beginning to end. 12. The poem sounds better read silently as if from a list of images seen in one’s mind....
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