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C.J. Gorrell ENGL 243 1. If professor Weiner does not go over something on the terms and phrases sheet do we still need to know it for the exams? 2. Are we supposed to see a relation in each lecture’s set of poems? 3. What does montage have to do with ballads? Response 1. Ballad like poem. The poet is talking to the people of larking about the drowned poet. 2. The poem is about a drowned man, whom people thought was not drowning, but waving hello. 3. Iambic tetrameter the lines are short each stanza is one sentence The poem is grammatically correct, but does take advantage of elision 4. The rhyme follows the same rhyme scheme as a ballad. This is a method used to draw parallelism between lines one and three.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The poem is in three four line stanzas. The stanzas do sound a bit formal, like biblical verse or old English. 6. The diction is definitely formal. 7. The poem is a narrative reflection on the death of a drowning man. 8. The speaker is speaking solely as a third person, without judgment. 9. The tone of the poem is morning as if it was being spoken at a funeral. 10. There is not judgment in the poem. 11. The poem does seem partially fragmented as the story seemingly switches between the narrator, and the dead man. 12. The poem sounds better read aloud as if it were read to an audience at a funeral....
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