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C.J. Gorrell September 24, 2008 Engl 243 Can you give some examples of style? Do we have to know vocab that professor Weiner does not cover in lectures? Can you give us a few examples of test questions so we know what to expect? 1. The poet is speaking to his dead son. It is a eulogy. 2. The poet is remorsing about his dead son. 3. Trochaic pentameter is the underlying meter. The lines are short, and there are pauses throughout the poem. 4. There is rhyme first stanza aabb second and third stanza abcc 5. The poem has three stanzas they are each four lines it sounds very biblical using thee
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Unformatted text preview: and thow. 6. The style is very ornate. 7. Not sure 8. The speaker is trying to tell his son about how he is his pride and joy and how he wishes he could join his son. 9. The tone of the poem is very solemn. 10. The poet judges himself. Saying he should have not been so close to his son. 11. The poem is very unified. The poet keeps on the same subject his son. 12. The poem is meant to be read aloud as if at a funeral, or in a conversation....
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