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C.J. Gorrell ENGL243 1. Can you go over the poem types? 2. What do we need to know about sonnets for the test? 3. What is meant by social forms? 1. Epigram. Poet is speaking to his audience about Gut. 2. The poem is about Gut, a man who is obsessed with sex, and eating. 3. Iambic pentameter The theme of doubling in the lines is used to represent the never ending appetite of Gut. 4. There is rhyme in a form similar to a sonnet, however rhymes are doubled up to continue with the theme of doubling.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The poem is one stanza. 6. The poem is written in third person in the form of an epigram. 7. This is a descriptive poem, about a man. 8. The speaker’s intention is to comment on the disgusting Gut. 9. The poem is rude but the subject deserves such character. 10. The poem is very judgmental. Explicitly so. 11. This is unified poem. 12. The poem sounds better read aloud and repeated to emphasize the theme of doubling....
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