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C.J. Gorrell September 10, 2008 ENGL 243 What is the significance of the clay and the pebble to the idea of love? If professor Weiner does not go over something on the terms and phrases sheet do we still need to know it for the exams? Are we supposed to see a relation in each lecture’s set of poems? Poem review 1. Elegy The Airman is speaking to himself 2. He sees his future death, and reflects on his life. He takes notice in his detachment with the physical world. 3. Iambic Tetrameter bent The Parallel construction of line pairs depicts the Airman’s views as not being one way or the other, but indifferent to the subject at hand. The subject being his life.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. There is rhyme. It comes right out, with a punctual pause after each rhyming word. 5. The poem is one stanza. 6. The poem takes on a formal use of words. 7. The poem is a recollection on life as the Airman enters another domain. 8. The intention of the speaker is to explain how one feels when his “spirit” leaves the world of the living. 9. The tone of the poem is a divine indifference. 10. … 11. The poem seemingly contradicts itself in the form of a Chiasmus. 12. The poem sounds better read silently as if it is a thought beyond voice. It entices the reader because it seems to come as a voice from the beyond....
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