WEEK TWO - Consonance(recurrence of consonant sounds in...

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Breath Word-roots, derivations Meter Rhythm Prosody (the study of meter and rhythm) Scansion Natural speech rhythm Bishop Berkeley: Where is the taste of the apple located? Dynamism, contrasts (hot and cold when daises pied ) Word-order (syntax) Intensity (created by structure) Tone, the sound of the poem's attitude towards its subject Balance Chiasmus (a crossing- a rhetorical inversion of the second two parallel structures.) Couplet Iamb Anapest Trochee Dactyl Amphibrach (short long short syllables) u--u Spondee (two long or stressed syllables in a foot) Pyhrric Rising rhythm (stress occurring regularly on the last syllable of each foot) Falling rhythm (stress occurs on first syllable of each foot) Line Stanza (a series of lines) Dimeter Trimeter Tetrameter Pentameter Hexameter Alliteration
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Unformatted text preview: Consonance (recurrence of consonant sounds in words) Assonance (recurrence of vowel sounds in words) THE KEY PRINCIPLES OF ANY METER 1. Meter corresponds to natural speech stress. 2. The sequence of rhythmic units (feet) COINCIDES with the sequence of semantic units (syntax). 3. Rhythm & syntax together create music & meaning. 4. Meter is already in the language. Poetry intensifies its presence. 5. Meter is never absolute. Meter relates to context. FOUR METERS IN ENGLISH 1. ACCENTUAL : measures lines by counting accents (stressed syllables). 2. SYLLABIC: measures lines by counting syllables (stressed & unstressed). 3. ACCENTUAL-SYLLABIC: measures lines by counting both accented and unaccented syllables, AND by positioning the unaccented syllables IN RELATION to the stressed syllables. 4. FREE VERSE: measures according to the musical phrase; variable & idiosyncratic....
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WEEK TWO - Consonance(recurrence of consonant sounds in...

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