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Reading List for The Other Lover by Bruce Smith (University of Chicago Press, 2000) Note: Below is the reading list for Bruce Smith's book, a required text for this course. You are required to read the whole book, because the point is to see how poems by a single author relate to each other in the context of a particular arrangement. However, you will be tested only on the poems in this list, 14 of the 42, though you may be asked a question that gives you an opportunity to show your general familiarity with the book, as well as his visit to the class on Wed. 11/12. His visit will be a Q & A, and he will read some poems, too. You're expected to attend, and each of you should have one or two
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Unformatted text preview: thoughtful questions to ask him, questions that reflect your reading of his book. (Smith is also reading on the evening of 11/12, in McKeldin Library, 6th floor, at 7 pm). 3 The Piano Lost in the Divorce (cross-rhymed stanzas) 5 Afterbody (rhyming couplets) 7 Letter (rhyming couplets) 9 Art (sonnet) 14 Delinquent (sonnet) 21 Drivin' and Cryin' (tercets) 23 His Father in the Exhaust of Engines (rhyming couplets) 31 Stroke ("premature elegy") 37 In the Absence of War (sonnet) 39 Epaulette (epigram) 40 Groove and Break: His Voice at Fifty (ode) 69 Dawn of the Dead (sonnet) 78 After St. Vincent Millay (sonnet) 90 To Persephone Whose Face Is Potent Against the Malice of Ghosts (Sapphics)...
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