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C.J. Gorrell 2/12/09 Synthetic Discussion Questions #1 (1) While the Greeks may not have “invented” science, their influence in the world was one that lasted for thousands of years. So what was it that made the Greeks so influential? The Greeks work on describing the natural world through observation and intuition led them to be the masters of influence. The earliest of Greek philosophers most recognized work was in the search for what is the make of matter. One of the earliest beliefs was that all matter is made of water as stated by Thales around 585BCE. 1 This obviously seems ridiculous today, but in its time it was a major statement. However, Thales viewpoint was overcome by Empedocles’ theory of the four elements. Although this viewpoint was slightly altered during its existence, it remained the most influential theory for over a thousand years. 2 This belief was not based on some system of experiments, but on pure observation of what things appear to be. Hence why it may be said that Greek science is not invented, but discovered. Another point that made Greeks so influential was in that they provided theories that had an explanation, even though they were often false. For the years to come up and till the renaissance, Grecian natural philosophy was widely accepted because there was no other philosophy that could refute it with an equal or higher level of reasoning and explanation. This deductive reasoning was much more catchy than the explanations of the world formed by religions. With religion everything is taken on belief, and no one is
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synthetic1 - C.J Gorrell Synthetic Discussion Questions#1(1...

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