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C.J. Gorrell 12/25/09 The Recovery of Archimedes’s Lost Work In early 12 th century, Archimedes original manuscripts were compiled into a series of books. These books were later formed into euchologions. By this act the books became known as the Archimedes palimpsests. A palimpsest is the act of making one book from an original book that has had its writing effaced from it. In the case of the Archimedes works, five of the original books were debound, had there words scraped off, and had new writing for a prayer book written 90 degrees over the original work. 1 Three of these hidden Archimedean texts are believed to exist. Two of them have disappeared from any known records into the hands of private collectors, and in 1999, William Noel found the third text sitting on his desk at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore City. Any amazing discovery that had resurfaced from the private market soon became Dr. Noel’s greatest project. 1 All images were borrowed from the Walters Art Gallery by the guidelines of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Access Rights
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The head of Walters Art Museum encouraged Dr. Noel to devote his entire studies to the recovery of Archimedes work hidden in the palimpsest. Dr. Noel’s first goal was
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archimedes - C.J. Gorrell 12/25/09 The Recovery of...

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