cache notes - Some rough notes about Cache that might be...

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Some rough notes about Cache that might be helpful --- Cache uses a visual style of seeming cool, detached – it's related to the way Stanley Kubrick shot films –it trains you to look for details. .. notice the way the walls of the living room and the tv studio look the same. Notice the way the mirror over the fireplace repeated the living room's walls of books. Then notice the row of elephants behind the wife on the fireplace (little hint of Africa? Or of the way events progress, proceed, Notice the way the movie is about guilt, If you read it as a straight story of these people it's about the guilt of the protagonist, But you can also read the movie as an allegory the French family is France. Of the past and of the present, the next generation. Similarly, the Algerian father and son are the Algerian presence in France. Either way, the Frenchman did something that ruined the life of the Algerian man long ago. The film raises a question about guilt. Is the man truly guilty for what he did as a child? Is France today guilty for what it did 40 years ago? The film doesn't answer those questions, It does give us a sense that the Algerians (French citizens) are “not French.” (this is a reflection/exaggeration of French attitudes toward the citizens of France who are considered “not French.” (The movie I was talking about at the beginning of class “The Class” was powerful because it took the opposite perspective, it presented only the “non-French” French as the image of France to an audience who would not be inclined to not to think of that… in some way discussions in the US right now about who is a “real” American relate to some of the same issues. Notice the film also presents the next generation, the sons of the two men. The story might suggest that
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cache notes - Some rough notes about Cache that might be...

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