hw382 - f. .2% off set Yield strength g. youngs modulous...

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1. a. Elastic strain is the deformation of a material in reference to its length, that occurs with in the elastic region of the material. The material will always return to its original length. Hooke’s law relates stress to strain. b. Plastic strain is the deformation of the material beyond the elastic region. The material is permanently deformed, and when stress is relieved, the material will recover along a new linear elastic line. No there is no simple equation for plastic strain and stress. c. If the material experiences stress greater than its yield strength it will experience both plastic and elastic strain, if it is less than the yield strength it will only experience elastic strain. d. A kid climbing on monkey bars will lead to elastic strain in the monkey bar supports. No deformation. e. If a bridge were to receive excessive load beyond, the supports could experience plastic deformation.
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Unformatted text preview: f. .2% off set Yield strength g. youngs modulous hookes law constant of proportionality. 2. a. i. 345*130 = 44850 Newtons ii. 345/103,000 = .00335= strain = dL/Lo Lo=76mm .2546=max stretch b. 345/110000= .00218*380=.829<1.9 It is not possible to calculate the load that is necessary to cause this deformation, as this deformation lies in the plastic region of the material. 3. Modulus of elasticity = 200GPa Yield strength(.002) = 750MPa (about) 12.8^2/4*pi= 128.68mm^2=A Tensile strength= Ys(.002)*A=F= 1250MPa %EL=5.84/50.8*100%= 11.2% Modulus of resilience=1/2* y* y= .5(200)(5.842/50.8)= 1.4E6J/m^3 b. log T = log K + n log T n=4.2859 K= T/( T^n) = 137468770MPa 4. Area= 19*3.2=60.8mm^2 F/A= = 1809.2MPa elastic strain= .008 plastic strain= .011 .008*(610)+610= 616.7mm 5. (a) elastic (b) viscous (c) viscoelastic(d) viscoelastic...
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hw382 - f. .2% off set Yield strength g. youngs modulous...

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