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C.J. Gorrell 0102 3/27/10 Discussion 7 part 1 Each design has a different form of organization. The first one feels quite random, with very little order. The only symmetry/ repetition is in the trees lining the roads. The structures in this example are very secluded and can not be seen from any outside point. The remote lawn is of interest since it has been completely cleared out. The second example is very centralized from the location of the house, and the property radiates out from there into the three main lawns and the driveway.
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Unformatted text preview: All the laws appear to be outlined with pathways, each having its own perspective. One path is completely unobstructed, one is open towards the house only and one is completely secluded in a forest of trees. The Third lawn takes on a very traditional feel with its strong sense of central axis. The house is located along the axis and over looks the large main lawn. It is also significant to note that the pool is set in large seclusion to provide a comforting sense of seclusion and privacy....
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