dislarc5 - most direct roots. In regards to Hornbake, the...

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C.J. Gorrell LARC 160 Discussion 5 1. Pedestrian transit defines pathways 2. Open spaces are defined for direction 3. Topography influences shape and layout of built environment 4. Arboretum follows street system/ paths 5. Parking defined by building/ population location 1. Large rolling hills define drainage and run off systems 2. Cold-temperate climate defines housing codes 3. Climate defines vegetation type 4. Rich soil allows for mass use as farm land 5. Temperature is considered to maximize sun in cold season while providing shade in summer In general the Hornbake plaza and the Kim engineering plaza both follow the natural ideals and the ordering principles of college park. The plazas both consider pedestrian destinations for the path systems are defined for the
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Unformatted text preview: most direct roots. In regards to Hornbake, the steps all lead to the most common places on campus such as stamp, north campus and the mall. The campus’ arboretum does follow the pathways, as we see in the circular design in Hornbake, and in the grid system of Kim. The vegetation in the gardens of the plazas does match the climate in which the plazas are located as we can see. They make use of temperate climate foliage such as oaks, maples, and thistles. The locations also take into account the travel of the sun. Buildings are located around the plaza so as to maximize use of the sun during the day, i.e. building lay more along a north south axis than east west....
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dislarc5 - most direct roots. In regards to Hornbake, the...

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