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disscusion 9a - most only a few miles from his or her work...

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Christopher Gorrell LARC160 Disscussion 9a 0102 The goals for a family with school children would be to have a safe environment that is off of any many roads. They would want a house near a good school system, ideally closest to the elementary school, and second closest to the middle and high school. It is important that there be a safe and networked community. The community should support each other, as this will benefit the school system and the development of the children. There should also be recreation facilities nearby for youth development. The goals of a downtown commuter would be to live just outside of the city, but to be able to quickly reach main road arteries, and metro stops. The location as related to the city will most likely be more important than the quality of the community. The goals of an environmentalist who bikes to work would be to live at
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Unformatted text preview: most only a few miles from his or her work place. The ideal location should have bike paths to minimize risk to the biker when travelling. Considering that this person is single, the home should be a well thought out sustainable design that is just big enough to support one or two people. Another goal may be to have access to a park system nearby for relaxation. The senior citizen will prefer a safe and closely networked community. They will also prefer to be in a location where necessities are in close proximity to their location of residence. It would also be preferable to have a community in a relatively flat area so that taking strolls around the community are less taxing. The community should ideally have a nearby park with a view, and plenty of places for sitting and people watching. A senior center would also be an ideal commodity....
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