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C.J. Gorrell LARC160 Discussion 2 When I sit on the Memorial Chapel, and I look out I begin to envision Meinig’s concept that the landscape can be characterized into a certain meaning. When I look out towards route one and observe the open field below as well as the fraternity area and so forth, I first see landscape, as Menig dictates it, as artifact, but after longer observation I begin to identify the landscape as nature. At first I see an area that is ridden with buildings. I t would seem that the university as thrust upon the area man’s creations. I see the native and nonnative trees that man has planed in the area for little more purpose than to contribute to the collection of the arbortorium. The capital site that dictates that this landscape belongs to man is the lighted path way cut right through the center of the open field.
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Unformatted text preview: It draws all attention from the surrounding landscape to signify that this place is little more than a tool. After I sat a bit longer though my perspective began to change. I realized that the nature stills owns the landscape and that we merely lease the space we use. I noticed first that the recent snow covers the entire landscape just as nature covers the land. I then begin to look closer at the walk way around me and I notice the cracks in the concrete and the weeds that grow from beneath. It reminds me that the nature of the landscape existed before us and will thrive when we are gone. Finally I noticed that the shape of the land still exists and that as powerful as we think we are, we are still often subject to using the land as nature has given it to us....
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