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larcdis4 - ancient Rome The parking garage also provides...

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C.J. Gorrell LARC 160 Discussion 4 1. McKeldin Mall a. Vertical view- the mall is an excellent system of crowd direction. The paths while looking disorganized represent the most direct route to various locations of campus. The water body keeps the area cool, while the large grass spaces between allow for the support socialization, and an area to support large campus outdoor events. The slope of the field helps address water runoff. b. Side view- the area invokes a sense of openness that contrasts much of the rest of campus. The perspective and lack of obstructing objects gives an appearance of depth. The size of the trees along the sides gives a separating sense from the rest of campus as they hide the surrounding buildings while creating a sense of boundary.
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2. Byrd Stadium a. Vertical view- the stadium is an impressive size capable of hosting tens of thousands of guests. The shape and grade of the seats allows for optimal viewing from all locations. The depth of the stadium also gives a sense of the coliseum from
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Unformatted text preview: ancient Rome. The parking garage also provides ample space for on campus parking. b. Side view- the stadium is an excellent feat of architecture as its size is massive. It stands as the central landmark of the north campus as it can be seen from the majority of campus. The large gates surrounding the stadium gives a sense of transition as one passes from the outer world into the sports realm. 3. Brick Archway at campus entrance a. Vertical view- the archway acts as a sign signifying the location of the entrance. It stands high enough to allow nearly all traffic to pass underneath, and the guardhouse nearby provides a station from which to monitor traffic. b. Side view- the archway is a symbol of the campus that signifies the transition from the outer world to a location of academia. The crest at the top of the gate gives a sense of purity and size, claiming the serious and official tone that one is entering a place of education and business....
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larcdis4 - ancient Rome The parking garage also provides...

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