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Grade Criteria for Lab Report #2: Measurements of Temperature and Sensor Characteristics (Total: 10 points + 1 bonus point) 1. General Format (2 points) Cover page Abstract Table of contents Introduction Theoretical principles Experimental system Results and discussions Conclusion Appendices (1 point) - Lab manual - Original data - Data conversion with sample calculation 2. Theoretical Principles (1 point) Thermocouple characteristics General equation for Thermistor, RTD and their sensitivity Temperature drifting by self-heating of TM Definition of response time and transit characteristics of lumped heat capacity model for TC 3. Experimental Systems (1 point)
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Unformatted text preview: • Schematic diagram of experimental system • Actual images of the system and its key components 4. Results and Discussions (6 points + 1 bonus point) • Floating-point TC measurements against TC theory (1 point) • Calibrations of RTD and IR (1 point) • Calibration of TM (determination of β ), sensitivity, and temperature drift by self-heating (2 points) • Determination of response time of TC in heating and cooling processes, respectively, by (2 points) - Direct measurement - Lumped-heat capacity method • Find out convection heat transfer coefficient form response time and compare against heat convection theory (1 bonus point)...
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