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me343_lab_3 - • Analysis of measured strain and stress...

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Grade Criteria for Lab Report #3 (Extended Abstract): Measurement of Stress with Bonded Strain Gages (Total: 5 points + 1 bonus point) 1. General Format (0.5 points) Cover page Experimental system Sample calculations Results and discussions Conclusion Appendices - Lab manual - Original data 2. Experimental Systems (0.5 point) Schematic diagram of experimental system Actual images of the system and its key components 3. Sample Calculations (2 points) Bridge constants; at least one case each for bending and torsion Analysis of theoretical strain and stress: - Bending load - Torsion load
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Unformatted text preview: • Analysis of measured strain and stress: - Bending load - Torsion load • Error analysis between actual stress and measured stress: - Bending load - Torsion load • Calibration numbers for cases 24 – 26 4. Results and Discussions (2 points) • A completed table including: output reading (Q); calibrated reading (P); bridge constant (N); theoretical strain & stress; measured strain & stress; and relative error. • Comments on the results, methods, or other experimental parts. • System uncertainty analysis of stress measurement (1 bonus point): - Bending load; or - Torsion load...
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