Book 2 lines 469-566

Book 2 lines 469-566 - 469 - Pyrrhus before the vestibule...

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Sheet1 Page 1 469 - Pyrrhus before the vestibule itself on the first threshold 470 - he celebrates flashing with his weapons and the bronze light: 471 - just like when a snake onto the light having fed on bad grasses, 472 - which cold winter was covering, swolen, under the ground, 473 - Now new after his skin has been shed and shining with youth, 474 - it rolls over with its belly placed under its slippery backs 475 - burning to the sun, and it flashes with respect to its face with its three forked tounges, 476 - Together with huge Periphes and the driver of the horses of Achilles, 477 - the armorbarrer Automedon, together with each Scyrian young man 478 - they approach the house and they throw flames at the peaks. 479 - He himself among the first he burst through harsh thresholds having been snatched with his 2 headed ax 480 - he strikes the bronze doorposts from their hinge 481 - and now when the timber had been knocked out he hollowed out the hard oaks 482 - and he gave a huge window with a wide mouth. 483 - The inner house appears and the long atria are lying open 484 - the innermost chambers of Priam and the old Kings appear, 485 - and they see armed men standing first on the threshold. 486 - but the inside of the house is mixed with a groan and miserable tumult 487 - and inside the cave like temples they ulluate with feminine shrieks 488 - the noise strikes the golden stars. 489 - Then the frightened mothers wander in the huge houses 490 - and having embraced the doorposts they hold on and they fix kisses on them. 491 - Pyrrhus presses on with the strength of his father 492 - are strong enough to stop (him) 493 - and the doors having been moved fall from their hinges 494 - a way is made by force
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Book 2 lines 469-566 - 469 - Pyrrhus before the vestibule...

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