Aeneid Book 4 lines 1- 188

Aeneid Book 4 lines 1- 188 - 1 But for a long time now the...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1 - But for a long time now the wounded queen with serious care 2 - nourisheds a wound in her veins and is eaten by an unseen fire. 3 - Much strength of the man and much honor of his race returns to (her) mind 4 - his expressions and words cling fixed in her chest 5 - nor does her care give quiet peace to her limbs. 6 - Afterwards Phoebean Dawn was lighting the lands with a lamp 7 - and had moved damp shadow from the arch of heaven, 8 - when thus the insane one spoke to the like minded sister: 9 - "Sister Anna, what dreams terrify me in suspense! 10 - What famous guest has arrived here to our seats (dative place to which), 11 - now bearing himself with his mouth, how strong with respect to arms and chest! 12 - I believe indeed not a vain trust, that his is a race of the gods. 13 - Fear tests degenerate spirits. Alas, that man by what 14 - fates he was tossed! What exausting wars he was singing! 15 - If it were not settled fixed and unmoving in my spirit 16 - and to whom I was not willing to join myself in martial chain, 17 - After the first love foled me decived by death 18 - If there had not been a wearyness of the bedroom and of the weding torch, 19 - Perhaps I was able to succomb to this one fault. 20 - Anna (for I will confess) after the fates of poor Sychaus 21 - my poor husband and afer the Panetes scattered by brotherly slaughter 22 - this man alone bent my senses and struck my wavering spirit. 23 - I recgonize the traces of the old flame. 24 - But I would choose either for the deepest earth to gape for me first 25 - or the all powerful father to drive me with the thunderbold to the shadows (shades). 26 - Pale shades in Erbus (underworld Hades) and the deep night,
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Sheet1 Page 2 27 - before, honor, I violate you or I break your laws (tymesis). 28 - That man, who first joined me to himself, stole away my loves 29 - Let that man have (my loves) and let him protect them with them in the grove." 30 - Thus having spoken she filled her lap with tears having arisen. 31 - Anna replies: "Oh you more beloved than light to your sister,
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Aeneid Book 4 lines 1- 188 - 1 But for a long time now the...

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