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Review Problems of Chapter 17 1. For the following network diagram, determine both the critical path and the expected project duration. The numbers on the arrows represent expected activity times. Solution: Path Expected Path Time 1–2–4–6–8–9 41 1–2–5–6–8–9 48 1–2–5–7–8–9 55* 1–3–7–8–9 40 2. Chris received new word processing software for her birthday. She also received a check, with which she intends to purchase a new computer. Chris’s college instructor assigned a paper due next week. Chris decided that she will prepare the paper on the new computer. She made a list of the activities she will need to do and their estimated times. a. Arrange the activities into two logical sequences. b. Construct an AON diagram. c. Determine the critical path and the expected duration time. d. What are some possible reasons for the project to take longer than the expected duration?
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2. a. Choose topic Shop Library res. Select Outline Install Write Paper Grammar ck Submit paper b. AON diagram Write Grammar Submit c. 7.5 Shop, Select, Install, Write, Grammar, Submit d. Parallel paths, probabilistic activity durations. 3. For problem 1, determine the following quantities for each activity: the earliest start time, latest start time, earliest finish time, latest finish time, and slack time. List the
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Solution-Review_Problems_of_Chapter_17 - Review Problems of...

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