Weekly News Analysis # 4 - Delegation Authorizing...

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Delegation: Authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions Rugged: Tempestuous; stormy Terrain: An area of land; ground Compare and contrast the Icelandic financial crisis and collapse to those in Southeast Asia, Russia and Argentina in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Asian crisis of late 90’s: Financial crisis of southeast Asian countries precipitated by the floating of Thai baht. In 90’s ASEAN countries attracted massive amounts of foreign investment - spurred by high interest rates and high economic growth - Funds flow caused run-up in prices, causing increase in imports - Exports decreased due to increasing competition from China - U.S. interest rates rose, causing investors to shift there from SE Asia - Thai central bank sold reserves to maintain pegged currency - ran out of reserves, allowed currency to float - Baht tanked, markets seized up - Asset prices collapsed, causing owners to default on debt obligations - Defaults caused massive withdrawal of investment funds causing credit crisis - Firms could not attract operating funds, causing economy to slow - Problems spread to Indonesia & South Korea - Investors unwilling to lend to entire region - IMF initiated $40 billion program to support currencies in exchange for reforms - reduce government spending - allow insolvent banks to fail - change corporate governance - Less “cronyism” - More transparency - Investor confidence increased, funds flow resumed “Ruble” crisis: financial crisis in Russia 1998, exacerbated by Asian crisis - Russia maintained “floating peg” of ruble to dollar of 5.3 – 7.1 RUR/USD
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Weekly News Analysis # 4 - Delegation Authorizing...

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