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-1 Sara Cintron Philosophy- Prof. Jay Arnold Mach 20 th , 2010 Anslem’s Ontological Argument Anselm was one of the earliest Medieval philosophers. Medieval philosophy was developed based on foundations of Greek philosophy, with influences mainly from Plato and Aristotle. Benedictine monk Anselm wrote discourses on the Christian faith. His main goal was to prove he had proof of the existence of God. He used his faith in logic, reason, and rationality to outline the characteristics of God, rather than attempt to convert people to his religious faith. Premise one, God is the greatest or most perfect being, is a true statement. Regardless of your personal belief in God, we can all agree that if a God were to exist, ‘he’ would certainly be the most perfect being to exist. The second premise, a being that exists is greater or more perfect than a being which does not exist, suggests that it is impossible to think of the most perfect being without also thinking the most perfect being actually exists. It would be irrational to deny the
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