Spellbound - Katie Parham SPELLBOUND-SUMMARIES 4th...

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Katie Parham 4 th SPELLBOUND-SUMMARIES Angela -Although Angela’s life is boring raising cattle in Texas, she devotes her time to becoming the next spelling bee winner. I would classify Angela under the subcategory ‘Integration Motivation and Cognition’. I think this fits her because of all of her study habits. She comes up with multiple ways of studying on her own. I would also classify her under the Expectancy Value because she is always concerned with how she is going to do. She would always say to herself, “what if I don’t win?”. Angela could also be said to fit under ‘Expectancies for Success’ because she has Agency beliefs (I will do well on the test because I studied). I think that her main motivation was for herself and for her family because coming to America, they wanted opportunities and success for their children. Nuper -The Spelling Bee is something that is very important to her and her family. I would classify Nuper under the category of ‘Expectancies for Success’ because Nuper had all of the beliefs that went along with this form of motivation. She studied because she knew it would help her do better at the competition. She was aware that she had control of the situation because of her good study habits that would ultimately lead her to success in the Bee. Nuper could also be classified under the ‘Task Value Theories’ because she liked the challenge that was ahead of her. She enjoyed overcoming the
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Spellbound - Katie Parham SPELLBOUND-SUMMARIES 4th...

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