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Complexity of Traffic Congestion draft

Complexity of Traffic Congestion draft - totally Instead we...

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Complexity of Traffic Congestion There is no single widely accepted definition for the term congestion. Congestion is both an objective physical phenomenon where excessive vehicles impede each other and subjective user defined phenomenon derived from the expectation of users on the system and how the system actually performs. For instance, one who experiences congestion in Tokyo probably would comment that traffic in Singapore is smooth in contrast to a Singaporean who complains about congestion in Singapore. Urban traffic congestion must be approached from the wider perspective of urban dynamics. Traffic congestion in urban settlements is often a result of high level of economic development and the wide range of activities and services it provides for the people. In fact, traffic congestion is probably an expected outcome and to a certain extent accepted by urban dwellers. It is important to understand that it is impossible to eradicate congestion
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Unformatted text preview: totally. Instead, we should focus on how to prevent excessive congestion that cripples the normal functioning of a city. Traffic congestion is a societal issue that involves all members of the society. It is caused by a combination of factors which cannot be tackled separately. For instance, congestion can be a result of historical urban planning and socio-economic development of the city. Typically, congestion cuts across all jurisdictional boundaries and requires collaborative effort from different parties involved in order to achieve an effective management plan. Therefore an effective management plan will have to address different aspects of the problem. A multi-pronged approach has to be adopted. It is paramount to achieve consensus, commitment and public support for formulation of management plan. This will help to ensure acceptability and smooth execution of the final policies....
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