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MAE3: FALL 2010 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING GRAPHICS AND DESIGN Syllabus and Assignments: Labs start week 0 9/23! Attendance is mandatory in EBU2-239 Due to the logistics of the robot contest, the final time for MAE3 has been changed to Wednesday 11:30am-2:30pm. If you cannot make this time, an earlier final time will be made available for you to demonstrate your robot. Course Objective This course introduces the fundamentals of engineering graphics and the design. Emphasis is placed on applying engineering tools to design and fabrication of working machines. Course material will be centered around two projects: Model Clock Project (2.5 weeks): Students will use AutoCAD to design an escapement wheel and pendulum for a model clock, and make the model using shop tools. Robot Design Project (7.5 weeks): Teams of students will design and build a machine for a competition using DC motors, solenoids, and fabrication tools.
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