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Discussion Section michelle wk 5

Discussion Section michelle wk 5 - B ICD 100 Genetics...

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BICD 100 Genetics – Ghiara Spring 08 Week5 Mendel’s Genetics: The Basic Principles of Genetics Simple/Complete Dominance = where one allele dominates over another allele à dominant v. recessive. o Dominant alleles are in UPPER CASE o Recessive alleles are in lower case o Locus = physical location of a gene o Allele = a variant of the same gene o Genotype = shows what alleles you have of that gene T = Can curl tongue t = can’t curl tongue Tt à means you have both the dominant and recessive allele o Homozygous = the same alleles of the same gene (Ex: TT or tt) Homozygous recessive = tt Homozygous dominant = TT o Heterozygous = different alleles of the same gene (Ex: Tt) o Phenotype = the physical manifestation of a genotype—what you see TT = can tongue curl; Tt = can tongue curl; tt = can’t tongue curl o Back Cross = crossing F1 genotype with parental genotype. o Test Cross = a method used by geneticists to figuring out an unknown genotype. How do you do a test cross? Draw the gametes and the genotypes on the punette square. o P generation = parent generation; F1 = offspring of the parents; F2 = offspring of F1 generation.
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