hw #2 - CD = 0.1 m θ = 10 o Also from Beer& Johston 8...

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BENG 109 HW 2 Due January 26 th 2. The man below is performing a seated machine row to lift 60 kg weights. Determine the magnitude of the force, F , his hands exert on the machine knowing that the moment produced by F is equal and opposite to the moment produced by the weights. AB= 1.25 m BC = 0.25 m
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Unformatted text preview: CD = 0.1 m θ = 10 o Also, from Beer & Johston 8 th edition: 3.19: Express all answers in terms of a magnitude and unit vector [ie F(xi+yj+zk)] 3.37 3.69 3.94: Please note that the angle the applied force makes with the horizontal is60 o (80 o-20 o ) 4.15 4.45 4.71 θ A B C D...
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