hw #3 - BENG109 Bioengineering Statics &...

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Unformatted text preview: BENG109 Bioengineering Statics & Dynamics Due: Mon, Feb 9th Please answer the following 6 questions. Write neatly! Free body diagrams are only necessary for problems 1 & 2, but all problems should contain a figure of some sort. Vectors should be expressed in terms of their magnitude and direction or in terms of rectangular components. Include units on all final answers. 1. Rigid Body Equilibrium : 2-D A boy (40 kg) and a girl (35 kg) sit on a seesaw as shown below. The seesaw plank weighs 30 kg. a) What should the distance x be for the seesaw to be in equilibrium? b) What are the forces exerted by the roller on the seesaw? 2. (10 pts) Rigid Body Equilibrium: 3-D A female dancer balances with her leg extended to the side and slightly in front of her body. Assuming the male dancers grasp acts as a fixed support, find the forces and moments exerted by the male dancer on the female dancer. The dancers left leg each weigh 20 lbs, each arm weighs 10 lbs, her torso/head/right leg female dancer....
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hw #3 - BENG109 Bioengineering Statics &...

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