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HW 1 - 9 Write the four Laws introduced in the Respiration...

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Name: ______________ BENG 140 Homework Chapter 9 (Watson) 1) Define Sarcopenia? 2) Describe Proprioception? 3) Draw and label a skeletal muscle sarcomere including nebulin and titin. 4) Using these symbols write reaction equations for the three functions of ATP in skeletal muscle contraction: A, M, ADP, P i , ATP 5) Make a table of these characteristics for the three types of skeletal muscle: a) Primary source of ATP; b) Rate of fatigue; c) Glycogen; d) Size of motor neuron; e) Force Production 6) Draw and label a smooth muscle in a relaxed and contracted position. 7) Which smooth muscle filament does Ca 2+ mediate and why? 8) Name the two major types of alveolar cells and their function?
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Unformatted text preview: 9) Write the four Laws introduced in the Respiration Physiology lectures. 10) Calculate the alveolar ventilation for these conditions? Tidal Volume = 800 ml and Respiratory Rate = 10 11) Describe alveoli/capillary mismatches termed ventilation-perfusion inequalities. 12) Calculate the oxygen carrying capacity of blood under these physiological conditions: Hematocrit = 45%; Hemoglobin = 15 gm/100ml; CO = 5 L/min; Alveolar Ventilation = 4000 ml/min (1 gm hemoglobin binds 1.34-1.38 mlO 2 ). 13) Describe obstructive sleep apnea? 14) What are the major stimuli for central and peripheral chemoreceptors?...
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