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BENG 140B BIOENG’G PHYSIOLOGY S 2010 Homework #2 Due Wednesday 4/21 before class Suggested Reading: Sections 14A and 14D Problems: 1. 15% of all nephrons are juxtamedullary. What does this help the kidneys do and why? 2. Label all the parts of this capillary network. What is m A for the network? Is this likely a circulatory network in the kidney or skeletal muscle? 3. Substances A and B are found to be present and not present in the urine, respectively. What are all the possible pathways through the kidneys that could result in such a discovery? 4. Are there any substances that are completely non-toxic? 5. Explain in words why Bernoulli’s equation predicts Glomerulus Filtration Rate changes. 6. Why would your kidneys want to be able to filter blood 45X more than your entire peripheral blood vessels per day? (hint: what are the functions of the kidneys versus
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Unformatted text preview: blood vessels?) 7. You are interested in measuring the mass flow rate (m dot) of NaCl ions in the Glomerulus due to net filtration pressure, knowing that the concentrations in the blood and Bowman’s Space are 300 and 250 mM, respectively. You also know that the blood density is 1.1 g/cm 3 , the permeability of the interface is 10 s/m, the area of the interface is 1 cm 2 , and that body temperature is 37 o C. The hydrostatic pressure in Bowman's Space is about 10 mm Hg and in the blood stream in the Glomerulus, pressure is 100 mm Hg. 8. Explain what happens when a patient takes a diuretic drug. 9. Hemodialysis is a last resort before kidney transplant. What are some non-invasive long-term measures a patient can take to prolong/promote kidney function?...
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