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BENG 140 Homework Chapter 15 and 17 (Watson) 1) Draw a diagram of the general structure of the GI tract. Include luminal cells, nerves, vessels and muscle layers. 2) Outline dietary fat metabolism from meal to entering the blood stream. Describe the function of the micelles and chylomicrons? 3) Describe the three phases of GI control? 4) How is HCl acid secretion controlled in the stomach? 5) Diagram the general pattern of hormonal control of reproduction in both men
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Unformatted text preview: and women. What is the function of the hypothalamo-pituitary portal vessels? 6) What is the function of SRY gene and protein in sex differentiation? 7) What is the role of FSH and LH in the hormonal control of male reproductive function? 8) Diagram the phases of the menstrual cycle. List the effects of the LH surge. 9) What is the role of the placenta in pregnancy? 10) List eight maternal responses to pregnancy?...
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