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HW 5 - 4 The paper posted on WebCT by Brown et al describes...

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BENG 140B BIOENG’G PHYSIOLOGY S 2010 Homework #5 Due Wednesday 5/19 before class Suggested Reading: Sections 18 Problems: 1. Why does multiple exposure to an antigen not cause a recurrence of an illness? 2. The ‘immune system’ is not technically a system. Why is that? How do the cells of this ‘system’ talk to one another? 3. How does a fetus, which is ‘foreign’ to a mother’s body, avoid being attacked by the mother’s immune system?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The paper posted on WebCT by Brown et al. describes our early understanding of how the body recognizes itself. Using the paper and what we have discussed in class, write 1 paragraph (no more than a few sentences) on how the body recognizes itself and doesn’t actively engage any of its own cells using the specific terminology for antigen receptors (i.e. tells us what “CD” this receptor is)....
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