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Unformatted text preview: 3-Phase Reversing Motor Lab Electrical Motor Controls Objectives Upon successful completion of this lab the student will be able to a. draw a wiring diagram given the ladder diagram. b. wire a 3-phase reversing circuit with forward jog. c. isolate and repair single faults in the circuit placed there by instructor. Procedure I. Draw the wiring diagram (3rd page) based on the ladder diagram of page 2. Score Neatness ____________________ (10 points) Accuracy____________________ (10 points) II. Wire the circuit based on your wiring diagram. Use wire labels provided to number the wires. III. Have your instructor inspect the circuit. Score Neatness _______________________ (10 points) Accuracy ______________________ (20 points) IV. Test the circuit for correct operation. Operates Correctly ________________ (20 points) V. Have your instructor put a fault in the circuit and then troubleshoot the circuit. Isolated Problem ___________________ (20 points) Repaired Problem __________________ (10 points) 1/28/2011 ...
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