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Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario 1 RUNNING HEAD: GUILLERMO FURNITURE STORE SCENARIO Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario Tina Smith ACC/561 Accounting University of Phoenix Monique Smalling January 17, 2011
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Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario 2 Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario The Guillerno Furniture Store experienced prosperity during the 80s in Sonora, Mexico the location of the furniture manufacturing facility. A couple of changes in the 90s occurred, one of the largest retailers opened their headquarters in Sonora and more competition from overseas began to come on at a stronger rate. The result of the changing times created labor changes and rising costs of supplies, and the decrease of the profit margins at the store. The company was faced with the challenges of competeing with the other companies. “Guillerno had three options, 1) convert production of products to automation, 2) become a representative for another manufacturer, or 3) differentiate the company’s product by adding a flame retardant stain” (University of Phoenix, 2011). Guillerno now has the decision to make on how to implement the changes to the company. Guillerno must consider how the budgets and performance reports can assist with the decision-making process, how ethically to make the changes and what account imformation is
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Guillermo+Furniture+Store+Scenario[1] - Guillermo Furniture...

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