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EESA10 Human Health & the Environment. Summer 2010. Dr. Stefanovic. Assignment #1. Who is your TA? If YOUR last name (family name) begins with: A-H James Nugent (F12-2); I-M Rick Siewierski (R5-7); N-S Lisa Tutty(W11-1); T-Z Smriti Das (T10-12) DUE: Monday June 7th at 5pm SHARP - As noted in the syllabus, no late papers will be accepted without medical certification. Drop boxes located outside of SW644. Family name: Given name: Student number: Question 1A) What hazards might you expect? Describe at least six hazards. 1 point each for a total of 6 points. 1A Mark/6: Be certain to describe each of the hazards in sentence format. Include scientific details. One to three sentences per hazard is expected. Question 1B) What questions, related to their health and work conditions, will you ask employees to help focus and prioritize any inspections you are granted? Provide at least 5 questions. One point each for a total of 5 points. 1B Mark/5:
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